Red begonias are my favorite flower, and I’m sure you had no way of knowing some rando Philly grill’s favorite flower.  Or that I’m the Daughter of Flora, the ancient Italian Goddess of Flowers.  Haha, it all depends on which set of mythology volumes you’re given to consulting (in a given day-year-lifetime…).  Please read on.

12799310_10154224892717638_8035885381176262272_nHello Curtis!  Welcome to my page just for you.  It exists here on my site, which is a portal through worlds, of course.  (Haha…)  It is a manifestation of my ideal world, residing right here in the real world.  Such a contradiction, ay?

I’ve been up all night.  It’s the 4th of June, 2017,  and the sun is rising.  I can hear the first birds chirping.  I’m sure they’ll get worms before the other birds.  But that’s a bit too complex of math for me at the moment…

All night, I’ve kept listening to your song 2016.  It’s a beautiful song.  I knew Harrison.  I also knew Richard’s son, Emmet.  My name is Sadie, but they (Harrison and Emmet) would’ve known me back then as Tall Sam, or simply Samantha.  (I’m 6’2″ and built like a eugenics experiment gone awry… 😉

Everybody else with whom I’m sure I’ll end up sharing your song called 2016 — I’m sure they’ll find it very sad.  Depressing.  Whatever.  I find it indescribably cathartic.  And thank you.  So much.  So so so much.  For all you’ve given me already…?  And I’ve only known your music for less than 24 hours.  You’re an old soul.  Your well goes deep.  I love you deeply and I don’t even know you.  But don’t think you’re special or anything.  I love everybody…

Anyway, I needed to have a place for you to find what I have to tell you.  Or at least the beginning of what I have to tell you.  What I tell you next will depend on my judgment of your achievements, I guess…  I’m sure there is a less harsh way to put that.  I’m also sure I don’t care.

I work for Azriel.  Google him.  Trust the Jews.  Haha.  Trust the Jewish definition in this case.  And know Harrison is safe, and he loves you.  Ok?  Peace be with you til we meet again.  And if we never meet, well… I suppose it wouldn’t have been able to be helped.


Love + light,
Sarah SBL

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