Favored Resources

Below are a list of resources which I frequently favor in my studies of herbalism, yoga, astrology, as well as resources for sustainable and enlightened living.


Astrowin.org is a website established and maintained by Allen Edwall.  Aside from the many resources he provides on his site, I am recommending the program called SE_Aspectarian, which is for the astrological math buff, and which calculates exact aspects and allows for the selection of individual planets in order to see their progression of their aspects through a give chart.  Here is the direct link (free for non-commercial use) to download SE_Aspectarian.  Here is a direct link to Mr. Edwall’s Planetary Hour Calculator, which I find useful for determining the planetary energies of the days and hours.  A full list of Mr. Edwall’s free astrology programs can be found here.


Botanical.com is a web source of Mrs. Grieve’s original text, A Modern Herbal (first published in 1931), in which she catalogs the known medicinal properties and constituents of herbal remedies of that time period.  She also goes into detail regarding herbal folklore, as well as recanting the wisdom of the herbalists of both the dark ages and the ancients.

Mountain Rose Herbs is an excellent resource for the online ordering of herbs which may be difficult to find in local markets.  They are also very good for validating our modern understanding of herbal constituents.